Graduate Submissions

View students' submitted videos, photos, and messages of thanks.

All eligible graduates are included in the program whether they submitted a photo or video or not.

Photo of Jessica Golly

Jessica Golly Social Work (M.S.W.)

Photo of Aaron Gomes

Aaron Gomes Zoology (B.S.)

Aaron's Message

Aaron's Video

Photo of Guillermo Gomez

Guillermo Gomez Communication (B.A.)

Guillermo's Video

Photo of Angelica Gomez

Angelica Gomez Biology (B.S.)

Angelica's Message

Angelica's Video

Photo of Alex Gonzales

Alex Gonzales Political Science (B.A.)

Alex's Message

Alex's Video

Photo of Israel Gonzalez

Israel Gonzalez Business Administration (B.S.)

Israel's Video

Photo of Carolina Gonzalez

Carolina Gonzalez Business Administration (B.S.)

Carolina's Message

Carolina's Video

Photo of Esmeralda Gonzalez Herrera

Esmeralda Gonzalez Herrera Criminology & Justice Studies (B.A.)

Esmeralda's Message

Photo of Rubie Gonzalez-Parra

Rubie Gonzalez-Parra Political Science (B.A.) Spanish (B.A.)

Rubie's Message

Photo of Jessica Good

Jessica Good Kinesiology (B.S.)

Jessica's Message

Photo of Crystal Gora

Crystal Gora Psychology (B.A.)

Crystal's Message

Photo of Darian Gore

Darian Gore Biology (B.S.)

Darian's Video

Photo of Natalie Grant

Natalie Grant Elementary Education (Credential)

Natalie's Video

Photo of Benjamin Gravalec

Benjamin Gravalec Business Administration (B.S.)

Benjamin's Message

Benjamin's Video

Photo of Alexander Greenlee

Alexander Greenlee Recreation Administration (B.A.)

Alexander's Message

Alexander's Video

Photo of Brandon Grubaugh

Brandon Grubaugh Wildlife (B.S.)

Brandon's Message

Brandon's Video

Photo of Sophie Grubb

Sophie Grubb Environmental Science & Management (B.S.)

Sophie's Message

Sophie's Video

Photo of Jasmine Guerra

Jasmine Guerra Psychology (B.A.)

Jasmine's Message

Jasmine's Video

Photo of Masha Gulak

Masha Gulak Wildlife (B.S.)

Masha's Message

Masha's Video

Photo of Caitlin Gundert

Caitlin Gundert Environmental Resources Engineering (B.S.)

Caitlin's Message

Caitlin's Video

Photo of Samuel Haggard

Samuel Haggard Social Work (B.A.)

Samuel's Video

Photo of Sierra Haines

Sierra Haines Psychology (B.A.)

Sierra's Message

Sierra's Video

Photo of Caroline Hall

Caroline Hall Fisheries Biology (B.S.)

Caroline's Message

Photo of Kacie Hallahan

Kacie Hallahan Recreation Administration (B.A.)

Kacie's Message

Photo of Regina Hamilton

Regina Hamilton Business Administration (B.S.)

Regina's Video

Photo of Eden Hamilton-Flores

Eden Hamilton-Flores Psychology (B.A.)

Eden's Message

Eden's Video

Photo of Leah Harden

Leah Harden Elementary Education—Liberal Studies (B.A.)

Leah's Message

Leah's Video

Photo of Rose Harman

Rose Harman Biology (B.S.)

Rose's Message

Rose's Video

Photo of Leslie Hart

Leslie Hart Elementary Education (Credential)

Leslie's Message

Photo of Riley Harte

Riley Harte Environmental Science & Management (B.S.)

Riley's Message

Riley's Video

Photo of Madeline Hatch

Madeline Hatch Kinesiology (B.S.)

Madeline's Message

Madeline's Video

Photo of Calli Hayes

Calli Hayes Business Administration (B.S.)

Calli's Message

Calli's Video

Photo of Madison Hazen

Madison Hazen Anthropology (B.A.) Religious Studies (B.A.)

Madison's Video

Photo of Shannon Heavilin

Shannon Heavilin Special Education (Credential)

Shannon's Message

Photo of Lauren Heirigs

Lauren Heirigs Business Administration (B.S.)

Lauren's Message

Lauren's Video

Photo of Daniel Helm

Daniel Helm Psychology (B.A.)

Daniel's Message

Daniel's Video

Photo of Paige Hernandez

Paige Hernandez Music (B.A.)

Paige's Message

Paige's Video

Photo of Melissa Hernandez

Melissa Hernandez Environmental Science & Management (B.S.) Anthropology (B.A.)

Melissa's Message

Photo of Maribel Hernandez

Maribel Hernandez Sociology (B.A.)

Maribel's Message

Maribel's Video

Photo of Maria Herrera

Maria Herrera Child Development—Liberal Studies (B.A.)

Maria's Message

Maria's Video

Photo of Jessica Hetherington

Jessica Hetherington Social Work (M.S.W.)

Jessica's Message

Jessica's Video

Photo of Desha Hill

Desha Hill Elementary Education—Liberal Studies (B.A.)

Desha's Message

Desha's Video

Photo of Amanda Hill

Amanda Hill Leadership Studies (B.A.)

Amanda's Video

Photo of Paul Hilton

Paul Hilton Political Science (B.A.)

Paul's Message

Paul's Video

Photo of Julia Hjerpe

Julia Hjerpe French & Francophone Studies (B.A.) Political Science (B.A.)

Julia's Message

Julia's Video

Photo of Lowen Hobbs

Lowen Hobbs Environmental Resources Engineering (B.S.) Chemistry (B.S.)

Lowen's Message

Photo of Sarah Holden

Sarah Holden Anthropology (B.A.)

Sarah's Message

Sarah's Video

Photo of Rachel Honda

Rachel Honda Art (B.A.)

Rachel's Video

Photo of Danielle Honea

Danielle Honea Elementary Education—Liberal Studies (B.A.)

Danielle's Message

Danielle's Video

Photo of Victoria Hope

Victoria Hope Zoology (B.S.)

Victoria's Message

Victoria's Video

Photo of Angelica Huerta

Angelica Huerta Chemistry (B.S.)

Angelica's Message

Angelica's Video

Photo of Tyler Hughes

Tyler Hughes Art (B.A.)

Tyler's Message

Tyler's Video

Photo of Hailey Hughes

Hailey Hughes Biology (B.S.)

Hailey's Video

Photo of Kelly  Hughes

Kelly Hughes Anthropology (B.A.)

Photo of Emily Hunter

Emily Hunter Environmental Science & Management (B.S.)

Emily's Message

Emily's Video

Photo of Vincent Hurtado

Vincent Hurtado Economics (B.A.)

Vincent's Message

Photo of Greta Huschle

Greta Huschle Secondary Education (Credential)

Greta's Message

Greta's Video

Photo of Miranda Iacopetti

Miranda Iacopetti Child Development—Liberal Studies (B.A.)

Miranda's Message

Miranda's Video

Photo of Rosebelle Ines

Rosebelle Ines Environmental Science & Management (B.S.)

Rosebelle's Message

Photo of Parker Irusta

Parker Irusta Kinesiology (B.S.)

Parker's Message

Parker's Video

Photo of Elizabeth Jackson

Elizabeth Jackson Sociology (M.A.)

Elizabeth's Message

Elizabeth's Video

Photo of Audrey Jackson

Audrey Jackson Environmental Science & Management (B.S.)

Photo of Janelle Jackson

Janelle Jackson Psychology (B.A.)

Janelle's Message

Janelle's Video

Photo of Brenna Jared

Brenna Jared Theatre Arts (B.A.)

Brenna's Message

Brenna's Video

Photo of Sierra Jarriel

Sierra Jarriel Biology (B.S.)

Sierra's Video

Photo of Stefan John

Stefan John Kinesiology (B.S.)

Stefan's Video

Photo of Jordan Johnson

Jordan Johnson Recreation Administration (B.A.)

Jordan's Video

Photo of Ashlynn Jones

Ashlynn Jones Sociology (B.A.)

Ashlynn's Message

Photo of Taylor Juchau

Taylor Juchau Biology (B.S.)

Taylor's Message

Taylor's Video

Photo of Mariah Kalamaras

Mariah Kalamaras Kinesiology (B.S.)

Mariah's Message

Mariah's Video

Photo of Isaiah Kalaukoa

Isaiah Kalaukoa Business Administration (B.S.)

Isaiah's Video

Photo of Eli Kallison

Eli Kallison Biology (B.S.)

Eli's Message

Eli's Video

Photo of Amanda Kamlet

Amanda Kamlet Geography (B.A.) History (B.A.)

Amanda's Video

Photo of Adrianna Kaplan

Adrianna Kaplan Psychology (B.A.)

Adrianna's Message

Adrianna's Video

Photo of Namneet Kaur

Namneet Kaur Business Administration (B.S.)

Photo of Damian Kelsey

Damian Kelsey Spanish (B.A.)

Damian's Message

Damian's Video

Photo of Asinn Kim

Asinn Kim Environmental Science & Management (B.S.)

Asinn's Message

Asinn's Video

Photo of Dylan Kinser

Dylan Kinser Geology (B.A.)

Dylan's Message

Dylan's Video

Photo of Genevieve Kjesbu

Genevieve Kjesbu Art (B.A.)

Photo of Lisa Ko

Lisa Ko Biology (B.S.)

Lisa's Video

Photo of Kelly Koehn

Kelly Koehn Wildlife (B.S.)

Kelly's Message

Kelly's Video

Photo of Poya Kouchesfahani

Poya Kouchesfahani Environmental Science & Management (B.S.)

Poya's Message

Poya's Video

Photo of Muranda Kozlowicz

Muranda Kozlowicz Computer Science (B.S.) Business Administration (B.S.)

Photo of Rylan Kramer

Rylan Kramer Business Administration (B.S.)

Rylan's Message

Photo of Darci Kudrna

Darci Kudrna Kinesiology (B.S.)

Darci's Video

Photo of Kristina Kunkel

Kristina Kunkel Environmental Systems (M.S.)

Photo of Tesla Lackey

Tesla Lackey Film (B.A.)

Tesla's Message

Photo of Nicole Lamperti

Nicole Lamperti Child Development—Liberal Studies (B.A.)

Nicole's Message

Nicole's Video

Photo of Connor Lathrop

Connor Lathrop Environmental Science & Management (B.S.)

Connor's Message

Connor's Video

Photo of Zofi Laube

Zofi Laube Psychology (B.A.)

Zofi's Video

Photo of Taylor Lawson

Taylor Lawson Kinesiology (B.S.)

Taylor's Video

Photo of Kacia Layman

Kacia Layman Zoology (B.S.) Environmental Science (B.S.)

Kacia's Message

Kacia's Video

Photo of Mckenna Leclair

Mckenna Leclair Child Development—Liberal Studies (B.A.)

Photo of Kia Lee

Kia Lee Psychology (B.A.)

Kia's Message

Photo of Cua Lee

Cua Lee Music (B.A.)

Photo of William Lee

William Lee Anthropology (B.A.)

William's Message

William's Video

Photo of Gina Lee

Gina Lee Psychology (B.A.)

Gina's Message

Gina's Video

Photo of Justin Leger

Justin Leger Economics (B.A.)

Justin's Message

Justin's Video

Photo of Erich Lenk

Erich Lenk Music (B.A.)

Erich's Video

Photo of Hallie Lepphaille

Hallie Lepphaille English (M.A.)

Hallie's Message