Graduate Submissions

View students' submitted videos, photos, and messages of thanks.

All eligible graduates are included in the program whether they submitted a photo or video or not.

Photo of Jesus Cornejo

Jesus Cornejo Psychology (B.A.)

Jesus's Message

Photo of Fredrich Corona Silva

Fredrich Corona Silva Business Administration (B.S.)

Fredrich's Message

Fredrich's Video

Photo of Juliette Cortez

Juliette Cortez Environmental Resources Engineering (B.S.)

Juliette's Video

Photo of Janet Corvera

Janet Corvera Child Development—Liberal Studies (B.A.)

Janet's Video

Photo of Kayla Costello

Kayla Costello Kinesiology (B.S.)

Kayla's Message

Kayla's Video

Photo of Ashley Coy

Ashley Coy Political Science (B.A.)

Ashley's Video

Photo of Jared Coyle

Jared Coyle Education (M.A.)

Jared's Video

Photo of Katja Cragun-Rehders

Katja Cragun-Rehders Psychology (B.A.)

Katja's Message

Katja's Video

Photo of Walter Craig

Walter Craig Kinesiology (B.S.)

Walter's Video

Photo of Gwendolyn Craig

Gwendolyn Craig Environmental Science & Management (B.S.)

Gwendolyn's Message

Gwendolyn's Video

Photo of Brett Crandall

Brett Crandall Forestry (B.S.)

Brett's Video

Photo of Shelby Crawford

Shelby Crawford Wildlife (B.S.)

Photo of Isabelle Cristescu

Isabelle Cristescu Geology (B.S.)

Isabelle's Video

Photo of Isaiah Dairo

Isaiah Dairo Kinesiology (B.S.)

Isaiah's Message

Isaiah's Video

Photo of Sarah Daniel

Sarah Daniel Wildlife (B.S.)

Sarah's Message

Photo of Jennifer Dart

Jennifer Dart Leadership Studies (B.A.)

Jennifer's Message

Jennifer's Video

Photo of Mattea Davis

Mattea Davis Psychology (B.A.)

Mattea's Message

Mattea's Video

Photo of Emma Davis

Emma Davis Psychology (B.A.)

Emma's Message

Emma's Video

Photo of Sheila Davis

Sheila Davis Fine Art (B.F.A.)

Sheila's Message

Sheila's Video

Photo of Miranda De Silva

Miranda De Silva Art (B.A.)

Miranda's Video

Photo of Soren DeCuir

Soren DeCuir Wildlife (B.S.)

Soren's Video

Photo of Alyssa Della Ripa

Alyssa Della Ripa Business Administration (B.S.)

Alyssa's Message

Alyssa's Video

Photo of Sloan Dempster

Sloan Dempster Criminology & Justice Studies (B.A.)

Sloan's Message

Sloan's Video

Photo of Consuelo Diaz-Contreras

Consuelo Diaz-Contreras Wildlife (B.S.)

Consuelo's Message

Consuelo's Video

Photo of Aidan Dibble

Aidan Dibble Music (B.A.)

Aidan's Message

Aidan's Video

Photo of Irene Dickinson

Irene Dickinson Zoology (B.S.)

Irene's Video

Photo of Jamie Dickison

Jamie Dickison Wildlife (B.S.)

Jamie's Message

Photo of Leo DiPierro

Leo DiPierro Geography (B.A.)

Leo's Message

Photo of Ella Docherty

Ella Docherty Biology (B.S.)

Photo of Almond Dodge

Almond Dodge Environmental Science & Management (B.S.)

Almond's Video

Photo of Aileen Dominguez

Aileen Dominguez Political Science (B.A.)

Photo of Livia Dremin

Livia Dremin History (B.A.)

Livia's Message

Livia's Video

Photo of Selena Dueñas

Selena Dueñas Business Administration (B.S.)

Selena's Message

Selena's Video

Photo of Samuel Dunlap

Samuel Dunlap Environmental Studies (B.A.)

Samuel's Video

Photo of Samantha Dunn

Samantha Dunn Geology (B.S.)

Samantha's Message

Samantha's Video

Photo of Jeremy Dustin

Jeremy Dustin Environmental Science & Management (B.S.)

Jeremy's Message

Jeremy's Video

Photo of John Earl

John Earl Social Work (B.A.)

Photo of Carmen Eastland

Carmen Eastland Art (B.A.)

Carmen's Video

Photo of Cayla Eggemeyer

Cayla Eggemeyer Environmental Science & Management (B.S.)

Cayla's Video

Photo of Ellion Ellion

Ellion Ellion English (M.A.)

Ellion's Message

Ellion's Video

Photo of Helen Erdmann

Helen Erdmann Art (B.A.)

Helen's Message

Helen's Video

Photo of Nicole Erjavac

Nicole Erjavac Biology (B.S.)

Nicole's Message

Nicole's Video

Photo of Kayla Escola

Kayla Escola Psychology (B.A.)

Kayla's Message

Kayla's Video

Photo of Corabelle Esmailian

Corabelle Esmailian Mathematics (B.A.) Elementary Education—Liberal Studies (B.A.)

Corabelle's Message

Corabelle's Video

Photo of Taylor Espino Martinez

Taylor Espino Martinez Criminology & Justice Studies (B.A.)

Taylor's Message

Taylor's Video

Photo of Nicole Espinoza

Nicole Espinoza Zoology (B.S.)

Nicole's Video

Photo of Olivia Evans

Olivia Evans Biology (B.S.) Critical Race, Gender Sexuality Studies (B.A.)

Olivia's Message

Photo of Carter Eyrich

Carter Eyrich Environmental Science & Management (B.S.)

Carter's Message

Photo of Christopher Fabbri

Christopher Fabbri Environmental Resources Engineering (B.S.)

Christopher's Message

Christopher's Video

Photo of Seth Farison

Seth Farison Criminology & Justice Studies (B.A.)

Seth's Message

Seth's Video

Photo of Melissa Fawcett-Routh

Melissa Fawcett-Routh Wildlife (B.S.)

Melissa's Message

Melissa's Video

Photo of Valeria Fernandez

Valeria Fernandez Botany (B.S.)

Valeria's Video

Photo of Percival Ferrugia

Percival Ferrugia Theatre Arts (B.A.)

Percival's Message

Photo of Vianey Figueroa

Vianey Figueroa Kinesiology (B.S.)

Vianey's Video

Photo of Patricia Figueroa

Patricia Figueroa Wildlife (B.S.)

Patricia's Message

Patricia's Video

Photo of Elizabeth Findley

Elizabeth Findley Psychology (B.A.)

Elizabeth's Message

Elizabeth's Video

Photo of Elizabeth Fletcher

Elizabeth Fletcher Social Work (M.S.W.)

Elizabeth's Video

Photo of Sessi Fletcher

Sessi Fletcher Political Science (B.A.)

Sessi's Message

Sessi's Video

Photo of Jakob Fletcher

Jakob Fletcher Computer Science (B.S.)

Jakob's Video

Photo of Emma Flewell

Emma Flewell Environmental Science & Management (B.S.)

Emma's Message

Emma's Video

Photo of Esther Flores

Esther Flores Critical Race, Gender Sexuality Studies (B.A.)

Esther's Video

Photo of Maeve Flynn

Maeve Flynn Environmental Science & Management (B.S.)

Maeve's Video

Photo of Sadhbh Flynn

Sadhbh Flynn Sociology (B.A.) Communication (B.A.)

Sadhbh's Message

Sadhbh's Video

Photo of Steven Fong

Steven Fong Natural Resources (M.S.)

Steven's Message

Steven's Video

Photo of Piper Frank

Piper Frank Child Development—Liberal Studies (B.A.)

Piper's Video

Photo of Kathleen Fraser

Kathleen Fraser Elementary Education (Credential)

Kathleen's Message

Kathleen's Video

Photo of Seamus Frazer-Newcomb

Seamus Frazer-Newcomb Environmental Management & Protection (B.S.)

Seamus's Video

Photo of Kurt Fults

Kurt Fults Business Administration (B.S.)

Kurt's Message

Kurt's Video

Photo of Aleksandria Funk

Aleksandria Funk Business Administration (B.S.)

Aleksandria's Message

Aleksandria's Video

Photo of Lauren Gailey

Lauren Gailey Leadership Studies (B.A.)

Lauren's Video

Photo of Kira Gapasin-Jimenez

Kira Gapasin-Jimenez Wildlife (B.S.)

Kira's Message

Kira's Video

Photo of Hope Garant

Hope Garant Environmental Science & Management (B.S.)

Hope's Video

Photo of Jesse Garate

Jesse Garate Music (B.A.)

Jesse's Video

Photo of Jorge Garcia

Jorge Garcia Kinesiology (B.S.)

Jorge's Message

Photo of Amy Garcia

Amy Garcia History (B.A.)

Amy's Message

Amy's Video

Photo of Jennifer  Garcia

Jennifer Garcia Anthropology (B.A.)

Jennifer 's Message

Jennifer 's Video

Photo of Christopher Garcia Berumen

Christopher Garcia Berumen Political Science (B.A.)

Christopher's Video

Photo of Kevin Garcia Lopez

Kevin Garcia Lopez Wildlife (B.S.)

Kevin's Video

Photo of Kevin Garcia-Suarez

Kevin Garcia-Suarez Business Administration (B.S.)

Kevin's Video

Photo of Carissa Gardner

Carissa Gardner Social Work (M.S.W.)

Carissa's Message

Carissa's Video

Photo of Yuliana Garibay

Yuliana Garibay Anthropology (B.A.)

Yuliana's Message

Yuliana's Video

Photo of Hannah Garner

Hannah Garner Recreation Administration (B.A.)

Photo of Trent Garret

Trent Garret Political Science (B.A.)

Trent's Message

Trent's Video

Photo of Quianna Garrett

Quianna Garrett Wildlife (B.S.)

Quianna's Message

Quianna's Video

Photo of Tyrone Garrido

Tyrone Garrido Geography (B.A.)

Tyrone's Video

Photo of Garrett  Gazzo

Garrett Gazzo Anthropology (B.A.)

Garrett 's Message

Photo of Jonn Geer

Jonn Geer Environmental Resources Engineering (B.S.)

Jonn's Message

Jonn's Video

Photo of Hannah Genoar

Hannah Genoar Social Work (M.S.W.)

Hannah's Message

Hannah's Video

Photo of Shoshoni Gensaw-Hostler

Shoshoni Gensaw-Hostler Psychology (M.A.)

Shoshoni's Video

Photo of Benjamin Ghitterman

Benjamin Ghitterman Film (B.A.)

Benjamin's Video

Photo of Michelle Gibbons

Michelle Gibbons Psychology (B.A.)

Michelle's Message

Michelle's Video

Photo of Isabelle Gilbert

Isabelle Gilbert Sociology (B.A.)

Isabelle's Message

Photo of Emily Gilbow

Emily Gilbow History (B.A.)

Photo of Rowan Gill

Rowan Gill Recreation Administration (B.A.)

Rowan's Video

Photo of Nicole Giske

Nicole Giske Biology (B.S.)

Nicole's Message

Photo of Corey Glynn

Corey Glynn History (B.A.)

Photo of Lolita Go

Lolita Go Biology (B.S.)

Lolita's Video

Photo of Mikayla Godman

Mikayla Godman History (B.A.)

Mikayla's Video

Photo of Benjamin Goldberg

Benjamin Goldberg Environmental Resources Engineering (B.S.)

Benjamin's Message

Benjamin's Video

Photo of Kelsey Goldstein

Kelsey Goldstein Psychology (B.A.)

Kelsey's Message

Kelsey's Video