Graduate Submissions

View students' submitted videos, photos, and messages of thanks.

All eligible graduates are included in the program whether they submitted a photo or video or not.

Photo of Micah Scheff

Micah Scheff Theatre Arts (B.A.)

Micah's Message

Photo of Martin Schenker

Martin Schenker Environmental Science & Management (B.S.)

Martin's Video

Photo of Ryan Schlesiger

Ryan Schlesiger Special Education (Credential)

Ryan's Video

Photo of Tobi Schneider

Tobi Schneider Social Work (B.A.)

Tobi's Message

Tobi's Video

Photo of Amanda Schultz

Amanda Schultz Journalism (B.A.)

Amanda's Message

Amanda's Video

Photo of Noah Schwerdtfeger

Noah Schwerdtfeger Geography (B.A.)

Noah's Message

Noah's Video

Photo of Briana Scott

Briana Scott Communication (B.A.)

Briana's Message

Briana's Video

Photo of Spencer Seale

Spencer Seale Environmental Resources Engineering (B.S.)

Spencer's Message

Spencer's Video

Photo of Lucee Sepulveda

Lucee Sepulveda Elementary Education (Credential)

Lucee's Message

Lucee's Video

Photo of Jennifer Shaffer

Jennifer Shaffer Psychology (B.A.)

Jennifer's Message

Photo of Mikaela Shannon

Mikaela Shannon Environmental Resources Engineering (B.S.)

Mikaela's Message

Mikaela's Video

Photo of Courtney Shayne

Courtney Shayne Special Education (Credential)

Courtney's Message

Courtney's Video

Photo of Mei Shimizu

Mei Shimizu Child Development—Liberal Studies (B.A.)

Mei's Message

Mei's Video

Photo of Sabrina Sibbett

Sabrina Sibbett Biology (B.S.)

Sabrina's Video

Photo of Erin Siegel

Erin Siegel Business Administration (B.S.)

Erin's Video

Photo of Autumn Slater

Autumn Slater Wildlife (B.S.)

Autumn's Message

Autumn's Video

Photo of Collin Slavey

Collin Slavey Environmental Management & Protection (B.S.)

Collin's Video

Photo of Kyle Smith

Kyle Smith Mathematics (B.A.) Computer Science (B.S.)

Kyle's Message

Kyle's Video

Photo of Rachel Smith

Rachel Smith Child Development—Liberal Studies (B.A.)

Rachel's Message

Rachel's Video

Photo of Erin Soehle

Erin Soehle Psychology (B.A.)

Erin's Message

Erin's Video

Photo of Natalia Sojka

Natalia Sojka Wildlife (B.S.)

Natalia's Message

Natalia's Video

Photo of Ariella Sollfelner

Ariella Sollfelner Economics (B.A.)

Ariella's Video

Photo of Emily Soria

Emily Soria Biology (B.S.)

Emily's Message

Emily's Video

Photo of Lillian South

Lillian South Environmental Science & Management (B.S.)

Lillian's Video

Photo of Caitlyn Spina

Caitlyn Spina Psychology (M.A.)

Caitlyn's Message

Caitlyn's Video

Photo of Ileanna Spoelstra

Ileanna Spoelstra Political Science (B.A.)

Ileanna's Video

Photo of Hasti Srabi

Hasti Srabi Psychology (B.A.)

Hasti's Message

Hasti's Video

Photo of Emily  Stark

Emily Stark Biology (B.S.)

Emily 's Message

Photo of Anastina Steiber

Anastina Steiber Psychology (B.A.)

Anastina's Message

Anastina's Video

Photo of Melinda Stevens

Melinda Stevens Business Administration (B.S.)

Melinda's Message

Photo of Rachael Stevenson

Rachael Stevenson Environmental Science & Management (B.S.)

Rachael's Video

Photo of Caitlyn Still

Caitlyn Still Social Work (B.A.)

Caitlyn's Message

Caitlyn's Video

Photo of Sara Stolt

Sara Stolt Business Administration (M.B.A.)

Sara's Message

Sara's Video

Photo of Lindsay Stoner

Lindsay Stoner Zoology (B.S.)

Lindsay's Message

Lindsay's Video

Photo of Daniel Stormberg

Daniel Stormberg Business Administration (B.S.)

Daniel's Message

Daniel's Video

Photo of Cory Strauss

Cory Strauss Rangeland Resource Science (B.S.)

Cory's Video

Photo of Nayshia Streator

Nayshia Streator Psychology (B.A.)

Photo of Scarlett Stromer

Scarlett Stromer Wildlife (B.S.)

Scarlett's Message

Scarlett's Video

Photo of Hannah Suli

Hannah Suli Biology (B.S.)

Hannah's Message

Photo of Melinda Sullivan

Melinda Sullivan Psychology (B.A.)

Melinda's Message

Melinda's Video

Photo of Debbie Swayze

Debbie Swayze Social Work (B.A.)

Debbie's Message

Photo of Mary Swisher

Mary Swisher Elementary Education—Liberal Studies (B.A.)

Mary's Video

Photo of Auston Tague

Auston Tague Environmental Science & Management (B.S.)

Auston's Message

Photo of Makito Takahashi

Makito Takahashi English (B.A.)

Makito's Video

Photo of Maroel Tallafer

Maroel Tallafer Kinesiology (B.S.)

Maroel's Message

Photo of Cesar Tamayo

Cesar Tamayo Business Administration (B.S.)

Cesar's Message

Photo of Kristen Tarsala

Kristen Tarsala Kinesiology (B.S.)

Kristen's Video

Photo of Amelia Tauber

Amelia Tauber Wildlife (B.S.)

Amelia's Message

Amelia's Video

Photo of Melody Tew

Melody Tew Zoology (B.S.)

Melody's Message

Melody's Video

Photo of Cynthia Thao

Cynthia Thao Social Work (M.S.W.)

Photo of Jenny Thayer

Jenny Thayer Business Administration (B.S.)

Jenny's Video

Photo of Preston Thibo

Preston Thibo Art (B.A.)

Photo of Brandin Thomas

Brandin Thomas Kinesiology (B.S.)

Brandin's Message

Photo of Richard Thomas

Richard Thomas Environmental Resources Engineering (B.S.)

Richard's Message

Richard's Video

Photo of Morgan Thornburg

Morgan Thornburg English (M.A.)

Morgan's Message

Morgan's Video

Photo of Kaile Tinoco

Kaile Tinoco Zoology (B.S.)

Kaile's Message

Kaile's Video

Photo of Ellen Tirapelle

Ellen Tirapelle Environmental Science & Management (B.S.)

Ellen's Video

Photo of Derek Tomlinson

Derek Tomlinson Economics (B.A.)

Derek's Message

Derek's Video

Photo of Kyla Toole-Wells

Kyla Toole-Wells Kinesiology (B.S.)

Kyla's Message

Kyla's Video

Photo of Jesselyn Torlak

Jesselyn Torlak Leadership Studies (B.A.)

Jesselyn's Message

Jesselyn's Video

Photo of Shane Torre

Shane Torre Business Administration (B.S.)

Shane's Video

Photo of Rosemary Torres

Rosemary Torres Wildlife (B.S.)

Rosemary's Message

Rosemary's Video

Photo of Aurelio Torres-Garcia, Jr.

Aurelio Torres-Garcia, Jr. Film (B.A.)

Aurelio's Message

Aurelio's Video

Photo of Mariah Tovar

Mariah Tovar Business Administration (B.S.)

Mariah's Message

Mariah's Video

Photo of Mollie Townzen

Mollie Townzen Child Development—Liberal Studies (B.A.)

Mollie's Video

Photo of Jacqueline Trejo

Jacqueline Trejo Liberal Studies (B.A.)

Photo of Alfonso Trejos

Alfonso Trejos Film (B.A.)

Alfonso's Message

Alfonso's Video

Photo of Scarlett Trippsmith

Scarlett Trippsmith Environmental Studies (B.A.)

Scarlett's Video

Photo of Sherry Trudell

Sherry Trudell Business Administration (B.S.)

Sherry's Message

Sherry's Video

Photo of Jennife Turk

Jennife Turk Environmental Resources Engineering (B.S.)

Jennife's Message

Photo of Jahaira Valencia

Jahaira Valencia Physics (B.S.)

Jahaira's Video

Photo of Hannah Van Niekerken

Hannah Van Niekerken English (B.A.)

Hannah's Video

Photo of Kristen van Zyll de Jong

Kristen van Zyll de Jong Criminology & Justice Studies (B.A.)

Kristen's Video

Photo of Kevin Vandenack

Kevin Vandenack Fisheries Biology (B.S.)

Kevin's Video

Photo of Brailee VandenBoom

Brailee VandenBoom Business Administration (B.S.)

Brailee's Message

Brailee's Video

Photo of Julia Vang

Julia Vang Mathematics (B.A.)

Julia's Video

Photo of Bao Vang

Bao Vang Social Work (M.S.W.)

Bao's Message

Bao's Video

Photo of Jake Vargas

Jake Vargas Biology (B.S.)

Jake's Message

Jake's Video

Photo of Tracy Vargas

Tracy Vargas Business Administration (B.S.)

Tracy's Message

Tracy's Video

Photo of Imri Vasale

Imri Vasale Forestry (B.S.)

Imri's Video

Photo of Madeline Vasilevich

Madeline Vasilevich Physics (B.S.) Music (B.A.)

Madeline's Message

Madeline's Video

Photo of Mario Vasquez

Mario Vasquez Wildlife (B.S.)

Mario's Video

Photo of Samuel Vassallo

Samuel Vassallo Wildlife (B.S.)

Samuel's Video

Photo of Kimberly Vazquez

Kimberly Vazquez Psychology (B.A.)

Kimberly's Message

Kimberly's Video

Photo of Nicole Venisse

Nicole Venisse Leadership Studies (B.A.)

Nicole's Message

Nicole's Video

Photo of Keith Vidra

Keith Vidra Social Work (B.A.)

Keith's Message

Keith's Video

Photo of Melissa Voita

Melissa Voita English (B.A.)

Melissa's Message

Melissa's Video

Photo of Kathryn Wagoner

Kathryn Wagoner Psychology (B.A.)

Kathryn's Message

Kathryn's Video

Photo of Amelia Wagoner

Amelia Wagoner History (B.A.)

Amelia's Message

Amelia's Video

Photo of Mae Waldron

Mae Waldron Sociology (B.A.)

Photo of DeReginald Walker

DeReginald Walker History (B.A.)

DeReginald's Message

DeReginald's Video

Photo of Tony Wallin

Tony Wallin Journalism (B.A.) Religious Studies (B.A.)

Tony's Message

Tony's Video

Photo of Jordan Walsh

Jordan Walsh Anthropology (M.A.)

Jordan's Video

Photo of Katelyn Warbritton

Katelyn Warbritton Wildlife (B.S.)

Katelyn's Video

Photo of Liam Warner

Liam Warner Journalism (B.A.)

Liam's Video

Photo of Wesley Warren

Wesley Warren Oceanography (B.S.)

Wesley's Video

Photo of Zachary Warren

Zachary Warren Economics (B.A.)

Zachary's Message

Photo of Jaye Washington

Jaye Washington Kinesiology (B.S.)

Jaye's Message

Jaye's Video

Photo of Dawn Waterman

Dawn Waterman Art (B.A.)

Dawn's Video

Photo of Katy Watson

Katy Watson Zoology (B.S.)

Katy's Message