Graduate Submissions

View students' submitted videos, photos, and messages of thanks.

All eligible graduates are included in the program whether they submitted a photo or video or not.

Photo of Meghan Watts

Meghan Watts Social Work (M.S.W.)

Meghan's Message

Photo of Katelynn Webb

Katelynn Webb Kinesiology (B.S.)

Katelynn's Message

Photo of Michael Weber

Michael Weber Journalism (B.A.)

Michael's Message

Michael's Video

Photo of Selena Weltz

Selena Weltz English (B.A.)

Selena's Video

Photo of Caitlin Westmoreland

Caitlin Westmoreland Psychology (B.A.)

Caitlin's Message

Photo of Melissa Whipkey

Melissa Whipkey Environment & Community (M.A.)

Melissa's Message

Photo of Riley Whipkey

Riley Whipkey Environmental Resources Engineering (B.S.)

Riley's Message

Riley's Video

Photo of Jillian White

Jillian White Sociology (B.A.)

Photo of Elizabeth Whittemore

Elizabeth Whittemore Philosophy (B.A.)

Elizabeth's Video

Photo of David Wickizer

David Wickizer Business Administration (B.S.)

David's Message

David's Video

Photo of James Wilde

James Wilde Journalism (B.A.)

James's Video

Photo of Williams Williams

Williams Williams Journalism (B.A.)

Williams's Video

Photo of Gia Willis

Gia Willis Leadership Studies (B.A.)

Gia's Message

Photo of Beth Wilson

Beth Wilson Psychology (B.A.)

Beth's Message

Photo of Emma Wineland

Emma Wineland Child Development—Liberal Studies (B.A.)

Emma's Message

Photo of Rush Wirtz

Rush Wirtz Zoology (B.S.)

Rush's Video

Photo of James Wisan

James Wisan Film (B.A.)

James's Video

Photo of Lisa Wise

Lisa Wise Psychology (B.A.)

Lisa's Message

Photo of Kristina Wolf

Kristina Wolf Wildlife (B.S.)

Kristina's Message

Photo of Emily Wood

Emily Wood Recreation Administration (B.A.)

Emily's Message

Photo of Rayne Wood

Rayne Wood Environmental Science & Management (B.S.)

Rayne's Message

Photo of Janessa Woolley

Janessa Woolley Business Administration (B.S.)

Janessa's Message

Janessa's Video

Photo of Annalise Workman

Annalise Workman Kinesiology (B.S.)

Annalise's Video

Photo of Alexis Wright

Alexis Wright Chemistry (B.S.)

Alexis's Video

Photo of Tristin Wright

Tristin Wright Business Administration (M.B.A.)

Tristin's Message

Tristin's Video

Photo of Kia Xiong

Kia Xiong Social Work (B.A.)

Kia's Message

Kia's Video

Photo of Stephany Yang

Stephany Yang Business Administration (B.S.)

Photo of Eva York

Eva York Social Work (M.S.W.)

Eva's Video

Photo of Jacob Young

Jacob Young Environmental Science & Management (B.S.)

Jacob's Message

Jacob's Video

Photo of Angie Young-Petrillo

Angie Young-Petrillo Art (B.A.)

Angie's Message

Angie's Video

Photo of Lucas Youngblood

Lucas Youngblood Special Education (Credential)

Lucas's Video

Photo of Fernando Zaragoza

Fernando Zaragoza Rangeland Resource Science (B.S.)

Fernando's Message

Fernando's Video

Photo of Adrian Zavala

Adrian Zavala Communication (B.A.)

Adrian's Message

Photo of Alejandro Zepeda

Alejandro Zepeda Journalism (B.A.) Business Administration (B.S.)

Alejandro's Message

Alejandro's Video