Graduate Submissions

View students' submitted videos, photos, and messages of thanks.

All eligible graduates are included in the program whether they submitted a photo or video or not.

Photo of Jordyn Levin

Jordyn Levin Forestry (B.S.)

Jordyn's Message

Jordyn's Video

Photo of Colleen Leydecker

Colleen Leydecker Child Development—Liberal Studies (B.A.)

Colleen's Message

Colleen's Video

Photo of Troy Linhart

Troy Linhart Business Administration (B.S.)

Troy's Message

Troy's Video

Photo of Michael  Lino

Michael Lino Anthropology (B.A.)

Michael 's Video

Photo of Lauren Lipe

Lauren Lipe Elementary Education—Liberal Studies (B.A.)

Lauren's Message

Lauren's Video

Photo of Ariel Llorente

Ariel Llorente Education (M.A.)

Ariel's Message

Ariel's Video

Photo of Irene Lopez

Irene Lopez Social Work (B.A.)

Irene's Message

Irene's Video

Photo of Renata Lopez

Renata Lopez Botany (B.S.)

Renata's Message

Renata's Video

Photo of Enrique Lopez Cisneros

Enrique Lopez Cisneros Film (B.A.)

Enrique's Message

Photo of Elizabeth Lorz

Elizabeth Lorz Biology (B.S.)

Elizabeth's Message

Elizabeth's Video

Photo of Todd Loughran

Todd Loughran English (B.A.)

Todd's Message

Todd's Video

Photo of Alexander Lovell

Alexander Lovell Fisheries Biology (B.S.)

Alexander's Video

Photo of Dennison Lu

Dennison Lu Biology (B.S.)

Photo of Blanca Luevanos

Blanca Luevanos Environmental Science & Management (B.S.)

Blanca's Message

Blanca's Video

Photo of Emigdia Macario

Emigdia Macario Kinesiology (B.S.)

Emigdia's Message

Emigdia's Video

Photo of Tony MacCarthy

Tony MacCarthy Wildlife (B.S.)

Tony's Video

Photo of Adrian Macedo

Adrian Macedo Biology (M.S.)

Adrian's Message

Adrian's Video

Photo of Yadira Macias

Yadira Macias Environmental Science & Management (B.S.)

Yadira's Video

Photo of Nika Macias

Nika Macias Leadership Studies (B.A.)

Nika's Message

Photo of Brendan Madsen

Brendan Madsen Secondary Education (Credential)

Brendan's Message

Brendan's Video

Photo of Selena Magallanes

Selena Magallanes Biology (M.S.)

Selena's Video

Photo of Tiffany Maher

Tiffany Maher Education (M.A.)

Tiffany's Message

Tiffany's Video

Photo of Kayla Maines

Kayla Maines Child Development—Liberal Studies (B.A.)

Kayla's Message

Photo of Joseph Mallory

Joseph Mallory Environmental Studies (B.A.)

Joseph's Video

Photo of Mike Malone

Mike Malone Environmental Resources Engineering (B.S.)

Mike's Video

Photo of Hannah Mandy

Hannah Mandy Elementary Education—Liberal Studies (B.A.)

Hannah's Video

Photo of Jordan Manzanares

Jordan Manzanares Physics (B.S.)

Jordan's Video

Photo of Claudia Manzano-Sierra

Claudia Manzano-Sierra Leadership Studies (B.A.)

Claudia's Message

Claudia's Video

Photo of Jocelyn Marin

Jocelyn Marin Psychology (B.A.)

Jocelyn's Message

Photo of Ava Mark

Ava Mark International Studies (B.A.)

Ava's Message

Ava's Video

Photo of Nicole Martin

Nicole Martin Psychology (B.A.)

Nicole's Video

Photo of Zeké Martinez

Zeké Martinez Fine Art (B.F.A.)

Photo of Diana Martinez

Diana Martinez Environmental Science & Management (B.S.)

Diana's Message

Photo of Jessica Martinez

Jessica Martinez Communication (B.A.)

Photo of Alejandro Martinez

Alejandro Martinez Biology (B.S.)

Alejandro's Message

Alejandro's Video

Photo of Marissa Martinez

Marissa Martinez Child Development—Liberal Studies (B.A.)

Marissa's Message

Marissa's Video

Photo of Jenny Martínez Cortés

Jenny Martínez Cortés Spanish (B.A.) Communication (B.A.)

Jenny's Message

Jenny's Video

Photo of Kyle Martorella

Kyle Martorella Business Administration (B.S.)

Kyle's Message

Kyle's Video

Photo of Krista Mashburn

Krista Mashburn Child Development—Liberal Studies (B.A.)

Photo of Victoria Mason

Victoria Mason Art (B.A.)

Victoria's Message

Victoria's Video

Photo of Amanda Masse

Amanda Masse Recreation Administration (B.A.)

Amanda's Video

Photo of Lane McClellan

Lane McClellan Philosophy (B.A.)

Lane's Video

Photo of Autum McClellan

Autum McClellan Criminology & Justice Studies (B.A.)

Autum's Video

Photo of Ryan McCombs

Ryan McCombs Kinesiology (B.S.)

Ryan's Video

Photo of Logan McConnell

Logan McConnell Business Administration (B.S.)

Logan's Message

Photo of Zachary McCormick

Zachary McCormick Business Administration (B.S.)

Zachary's Message

Zachary's Video

Photo of Shayna McCullough

Shayna McCullough Social Work (M.S.W.)

Shayna's Message

Photo of Emma McDougall

Emma McDougall Wildlife (B.S.)

Emma's Message

Emma's Video

Photo of Emily McKay

Emily McKay Child Development—Liberal Studies (B.A.)

Emily's Message

Emily's Video

Photo of Jacob Mckay

Jacob Mckay English (B.A.)

Jacob's Message

Jacob's Video

Photo of Sloan Mckelvy

Sloan Mckelvy Art (B.A.)

Sloan's Message

Sloan's Video

Photo of Collin Mckune

Collin Mckune Economics (B.A.)

Photo of Ryan McLaughlin

Ryan McLaughlin Botany (B.S.)

Ryan's Message

Ryan's Video

Photo of Amanda McQuade

Amanda McQuade Mathematics (B.A.)

Amanda's Message

Photo of Joseph Medina

Joseph Medina Wildlife (B.S.)

Joseph's Message

Joseph's Video

Photo of Yecenia Mejia

Yecenia Mejia Social Work (B.A.)

Yecenia's Message

Yecenia's Video

Photo of Alejandra Mejia

Alejandra Mejia Fine Art (B.F.A.)

Alejandra's Message

Photo of Abel Melecio Gonzalez

Abel Melecio Gonzalez Criminology & Justice Studies (B.A.)

Abel's Message

Abel's Video

Photo of Samuel Mendez

Samuel Mendez Mathematics (B.A.)

Samuel's Message

Samuel's Video

Photo of Thomas Mendoza

Thomas Mendoza Rangeland Resource Science (B.S.)

Thomas's Message

Thomas's Video

Photo of Nora Mendoza

Nora Mendoza Wildlife (B.S.)

Nora's Video

Photo of Sjell Merrick-Stammers

Sjell Merrick-Stammers Art (B.A.)

Sjell's Message

Sjell's Video

Photo of Francesca Messina

Francesca Messina Psychology (B.A.)

Francesca's Video

Photo of Lisa Miller

Lisa Miller Leadership Studies (B.A.)

Lisa's Video

Photo of Megan Mitchell

Megan Mitchell Rangeland Resource Science (B.S.) Biology (B.S.)

Megan's Message

Megan's Video

Photo of Brittney Mitchell

Brittney Mitchell Biology (B.S.) Chemistry (B.A.)

Brittney's Message

Brittney's Video

Photo of Valetta Molofsky

Valetta Molofsky Social Work (M.S.W.)

Valetta's Message

Valetta's Video

Photo of Sam Moor

Sam Moor Art (B.A.) Elementary Education—Liberal Studies (B.A.)

Sam's Message

Sam's Video

Photo of Grady Moore

Grady Moore Theatre Arts (B.A.)

Grady's Video

Photo of Caroline Mora

Caroline Mora International Studies (B.A.)

Caroline's Message

Caroline's Video

Photo of Sarah Moreno

Sarah Moreno Psychology (B.A.)

Sarah's Message

Photo of Monique Moreno

Monique Moreno Leadership Studies (B.A.)

Monique's Message

Monique's Video

Photo of Ezra Moreno

Ezra Moreno Mathematics (B.A.)

Ezra's Message

Ezra's Video

Photo of Georgina Moreno

Georgina Moreno Business Administration (B.S.)

Georgina's Message

Georgina's Video

Photo of Carson Mote

Carson Mote Wildlife (B.S.)

Carson's Video

Photo of Pang Moua

Pang Moua Social Work (M.S.W.)

Photo of Mick Mugnai

Mick Mugnai Film (B.A.)

Mick's Message

Photo of Phoenix Munden

Phoenix Munden Kinesiology (B.S.)

Phoenix's Video

Photo of Gabriel Munoz

Gabriel Munoz Recreation Administration (B.A.)

Gabriel's Video

Photo of Alberto Muro

Alberto Muro Journalism (B.A.)

Alberto's Video

Photo of Diana Naal

Diana Naal Economics (B.A.)

Diana's Message

Photo of Miyako Namba

Miyako Namba Geography (B.A.)

Miyako's Message

Miyako's Video

Photo of Lizbeth Navarro

Lizbeth Navarro Social Work (M.S.W.)

Lizbeth's Message

Lizbeth's Video

Photo of Logan Naylor

Logan Naylor Art (B.A.)

Logan's Video

Photo of Trena Neel

Trena Neel Biology (B.S.)

Trena's Message

Photo of Cameron Neff

Cameron Neff Criminology & Justice Studies (B.A.)

Cameron's Video

Photo of Wilson Nester

Wilson Nester Psychology (B.A.)

Wilson's Video

Photo of Justin Newkirk

Justin Newkirk Psychology (B.A.)

Justin's Message

Justin's Video

Photo of Lucy Nguyen

Lucy Nguyen Social Work (B.A.)

Lucy's Message

Lucy's Video

Photo of Alana Nichol

Alana Nichol Wildlife (B.S.)

Alana's Video

Photo of Cody Nicholson

Cody Nicholson Art (B.A.)

Cody's Message

Cody's Video

Photo of Samantha Nickles

Samantha Nickles History (B.A.)

Samantha's Message

Samantha's Video

Photo of Elisabeth Nirschl

Elisabeth Nirschl Child Development—Liberal Studies (B.A.)

Elisabeth's Message

Photo of Haley Nisson

Haley Nisson Biology (B.S.)

Haley's Message

Photo of Laura Noel

Laura Noel Psychology (B.A.)

Laura's Message

Laura's Video

Photo of Jacob Nunez

Jacob Nunez Environmental Science & Management (B.S.)

Jacob's Video

Photo of Katrina Nystrom

Katrina Nystrom Natural Resources (M.S.)

Katrina's Video

Photo of Shannon O'Brien

Shannon O'Brien Social Work (M.S.W.)

Shannon's Message

Shannon's Video

Photo of Kayla O'Connell

Kayla O'Connell Wildlife (B.S.)

Kayla's Message

Kayla's Video

Photo of Katie Ogle

Katie Ogle Social Work (M.S.W.)

Katie's Video